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Hello everyone! I am Olivia Underwood, the owner of The Social Space. First, I want to thank you for being here. My company means so much to me so thank you for investing your time in my company. Now a little bit about me! I am nineteen years old and a sophomore at Southern Methodist University studying Strategic Brand Management and Marketing. My passions include photography, traveling, website design, company branding and and graphic design.  

I started The Social Space at a time when I think a lot of people were unsure about their future. In February of 2020 I decided I wanted to turn my digital hobbies into a booming business. While starting a company in the middle of a global pandemic was a struggle, it is the best decision I have ever made. I have been able to meet and work with so many amazing business owners through The Social Space. My commitment to my customers comes from truly wanting the most success for them. I love to help out business small and large with their digital communications efforts and elevate their brand to the next level. 


While I am young, my expertise comes from a generation Z perspective and internship experience. I have grown up in a  generation where technology advances were happening every day. My tech savvy skills push me ahead in my career because I am able to problem solve digitally and teach my clients new skills. The Social Space's core values are flexibility, trustworthiness, cooperation and customer experience. Working with The Social Space will be a low stress, flexible scheduled and cooperative experience. I work around the clock (and my school schedule) to provide fast results and response times. 


I would LOVE the chance to work with you and get the opportunity to help your business grow their social space. Please don't hesitate to reach out

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Tel: 608-512-6617

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