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Logo Production

A logo is the first thing your clients and viewers will see and remember when thinking of your company. Logos must incorporate the vibe and meaning of a company and I do just that. I consider the colors, aesthetic and description of a company before I create a logo.

  • Where are you going to put your logo? On a website, on social media, on print ads and merchandise? 

  • What do you want as your "face" of your company?

  • A simple and playful look?

  • A modern and dynamic look? Or a mix of something else? Whatever it is that you want your logo to convey, I want to have the opportunity to create that for you!

LAX Studio Logos Transparent background.
Original on Transparent.png
Transform with Trisha .png
Cosmetic Threads RN LLC.png
Cindy Griesbach.png
Logo boards.jpg
Logo boards-3.jpg
Logo boards-2.jpg
Original on Transparent.png


All over my website and social media you can see my logo. My goal when creating my logo was to have a modern, dynamic and simple design. A design that someone would remember. I also used an icon of a circle because it connects to the meaning of my name. The Social Space is all about growing your circle, whether its clients, customers or viewers. As a business owner, success is found through revenue, connections and various accomplishments. That success means nothing if you can't share and inspire your circle. I also wanted to incorporate a tag line in my logo so my audience could know in general what my company does.

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